US Designation System

Air Force System

  1. Air Force / Army System then Combined System

    1. A
      1. 1st                  Ambulance Aircraft
      2. 2nd                   Attack Aircraft
      3. 3th                    Targets
      4. 4th                    Amphibian
      5. 5th                    Amphibian
    2. AC                          A
    3. AG                          A
    4. AL                           Airborne Laser
    5. AO
      1. 1st                  A
      2. 2nd                   Airborne Observation Aircraft
    6. AT                         Advanced Trainer
    7. AU
    8. B
      1. 1st & 2nd          Bomber Aircraft
    9. BC                          Basic Trainer
    10. BLR
    11. BQ
    12. BT
    13. C
  1. Navy System (Prior to 1962)

    1. A
Navy System
Number Full Name Note  
United States Army Air Force / United States Air Force / United States Combined Designation System
A-1 Cox Klemin


A-2 Fokker F.IV


A-2 Douglas (O-2)


A-3 Curtiss 37 Falcon










A-7 Fokker XVII


A-8 Curtiss 59 Shrike


A-9 Detroit (P-24)


A-10 Curtiss 59 Shrike


A-11 Detroit (P-24)


A-12 Curtiss 59 Shrike


A-13 Northrop 2 Gamma


A-14 Curtiss 76 Shrike II


A-15 Martin 123


A-16 Northrop 2 Gamma




A-18 Curtiss 76 Shrike II


A-19 Vultee V.11


A-20 Douglas DB-7 Boston / Havoc


A-21 Stearman 100


A-22 Martin 167 Maryland


A-23 Martin 187 Baltimore


A-24 Douglas Dauntless


A-25 Curtiss 84 Helldiver


A-26 Douglas Invader


A-27 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan


A-28 Lockheed L-14 Super Electra




A-30 Martin 187 Baltimore


A-31 Vultee V72 Vengeance


A-32 Brewster (A-32)


A-33 Northrop 2 Gamma


A-34 Brewster 140 Buccaneer


A-35 Vultee V72 Vengeance


A-36 North American NA-73 Mustang


A-37 Hughes D2


A-38 Beechcraft 28 Destroyer


A-39 Kaiser-Fleetwings


A-40 Curtiss 77


A-41 Vultee V90


A-42 Douglas Mixmaster


A-43 Curtiss-Wright CW-29 Blackhawk


A-44 Consolidated (A-44)


A-45 Martin 234


A-1  Fleetwings


A-2 Radioplane


A-3 Curtiss 48 Fledgling


A-4 Douglas (O-2)


A-5 Boeing (A-5)


A-6 Douglas (O-2)


A-7 Bell 11 Airacobra


A-8 Culver


A-9 Grumman G-21 Goose


A-10 Consolidated 28 Catalina


A-12 Grumman G-4 Duck


A-16 Grumman G-64 Albatross


A-1 Douglas Skyraider


A-2 North American NA-146 Savage


A-3 Douglas Skywarrior

See Also B-66, A3J

A-4 Douglas Skyhawk


A-5 North American NA-247 Vigilante


A-6 Grumman G-128 Intruder


EA-6B Prowler
A-7 Vought Corsair II


A-8 Hawker P-1127 Harrier


A-9 Northrop (A-9)


A-10 Fairchild Thunderbolt II


A-12 Grumman Avenger II

  Known as Dragonfly

A-37 Cessna 318 Tweety

See Also T-37

Version Known as Dragonfly

AC-1 De Havilland Canada DHC-4 Caribou


AC-2 De Havilland Canada DHC-5 Buffalo


AG-1 Christopher


AG-2 Timm


AL-1 Boeing 747


AO-1 Fokker


AO-1 Grumman G-134 Mohawk


AO-2 Goodyear (AO-2)




AT-1 Huff Daland




AT-3 Boeing 15


AT-4 Curtiss 34 Hawk




AT-6 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan


AT-7 Beechcraft 18


AT-8 Cessna T50 Bobcat


AT-9 Curtiss-Wright CW-25 Jeep


AT-10 Beechcraft 18




AT-12 Republic AP2 Guardsman


AT-13 Fairchild Gunner




AT-15 Stearman 120


AT-16 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan


AT-17 Cessna T50 Bobcat


AT-18 Lockheed L-14 Super Electra


AT-19 Stinson V77 Reliant


AT-20 Avro 652 Anson


AT-21 Fairchild Gunner


AT-22 Consolidated 2 Liberator


AT-23 Martin 179 Marauder


AT-24 North American NA-40 Mitchell


AU-1 De Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter


B-1 Huff Daland


B-2 Martin MB-1


B-3 Huff Daland









B-7 Douglas (B-7)


B-8 Fokker XVI


B-9 Boeing 214


B-10 Martin 123


B-11 Douglas (B-11)


B-12 Martin 123






B-15 Boeing 294

See Also B-20 

B-16 Martin 145


B-17 Boeing 299 Flying Fortress


B-18 Douglas DB-1 Bolo


B-19 Douglas (BLR-1)


B-20 Boeing 294


B-21 North American NA-21


B-22 Douglas DB-1 Bolo




B-24 Consolidated 32 Liberator


B-25 North American NA-40 Mitchell


B-26 Martin 179 Marauder


B-27 Martin 182


B-28 North American NA-40 Mitchell


B-29 Boeing 314 Super Fortress


B-30 Lockheed 249


B-31 Douglas (B-31)


B-32 Consolidated 33 Dominator


B-33 Martin 190


B-34 Lockheed L-21 Lodestar


B-35 Northrop 9


B-36 Consolidated 36 Peacemaker


B-37 Lockheed L-21 Lodestar


B-38 Boeing 299 Flying Fortress


B-39 Boeing 314 Super Fortress


B-40 Boeing 299 Flying Fortress


B-41 Consolidated 32 Liberator


B-42 Douglas Mixmaster




B-44 Boeing 314 Super Fortress 


B-45 North American NA-130 Tornado


B-46 Convair (B-46)


B-47 Boeing 450 Stratojet


B-48 Martin 223


B-49 Northrop 9


B-50 Boeing 314 Super Fortress


B-51 Martin 234


B-52 Boeing 464 Strato Fortress


B-53 Consolidated (A-44)


B-54 Boeing 314 Super Fortress


B-55 Boeing 474


B-56 Boeing 450 Stratojet


B-57 English Electric A-1 Canberra


B-58 Convair 4 Hustler


B-59 Boeing 701


B-60 Consolidated 36 Peacemaker












B-66 Douglas Skywarrior

See Also A-3, A3J





B-69 Lockheed 26 Neptune


B-70 North American NA-278 Valkyrie


SR-71 Lockheed A-11 Blackbird

See Also F-12

B-1 Rockwell Lancer


B-2 Northrop Spirit


B-21 Northrop


BC-1 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan




BC-3 Vultee BC51


BLR-1 Boeing 294


BLR-2 Douglas (BLR-2)


BLR-3 Sikorsky (BLR-3)


BQ-1 Fleetwings




BQ-3 Fairchild Gunner


BQ-4 Interstate






BQ-7 Boeing 299 Flying Fortress


BQ-8 Consolidated 32 Liberator


BT-1 Douglas (O-2)




BT-3 Stearman 6 Cloudboy


BT-4 Curtiss 37 Falcon


BT-5 Stearman 6 Cloudboy


BT-6 Consolidated 1




BT-8 Seversky SEV.3


BT-9 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan




BT-11 Aircraft Research


BT-12 Fleetwings


BT-13 Vultee B54 Valiant


BT-14 North American NA-16 Harvard / Texan


BT-15 Vultee B54 Valiant




BT-17 Stearman 91




































































































































































































































































GO-1 AeroVironment


H-65 Aerospatiale AS-360 / AS-365 Dauphin


L-3 Aeronca


L-16 Aeronca


L-26 Aero Design Commander 500-1000

Became U-4 or U-9

NBS-1 Aeromarine


TG-5 Aeronca    
TG-16 ABC    
TG-31 Aero Industries G-2    

Aero L-13 Blanik



U-4 Aero Design Commander 500-1000

Was L-26

U-9 Aero Design Commander 500-1000

Was L-26

United States Navy / Marines (Only used by them)
LNR-1 Aeronca    

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