I Have been interested in Aviation since I was 12 years old and with my occupation i have been able to travel to Countries Like Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and more Exotic Iraq, Tunisia, Kazakhstan, Russia.

Living in Glasgow, London ,Northampton, and Peterborough. But For the last 30 years concentrating purely on Military Aviation growing up with Red Arrows Gnat's & Hawk's,  PDF Magister's & Alpha Jets,  Lightnings At Leuchars, Binbrook, Neptunes (French and Dutch) at Kinloss the list goes on

This is my new web site and with a more simplified menu system there is also a new column in the data to give information about fate there is still work to do but hopefully you will find this useful

Civil Aircraft Registries
(Currently at 479,000 Entries)
Written Off / Destroyed
  Contact :- John
I've made a large change to the database that i use.

 I'm including civil aircraft within the lists this is to complete the history of individual aircraft to try find missing entries

WMA 1910 01 Rev 13

With Many Thanks